Suggest me some books or website links


Joined Jul 1, 2009
Some one please suggest me some books or PDF where i can learn about semiconductors and basics of electronics components from scratch
I don't know if these are in PDF anywhere, but you can find that on your own- here is the important info:

Title: Understanding Basic Electronics, 1st Ed.
Publisher: The American Radio Relay League
ISBN: 0-87259-398-3

And then once you've got your mind comfortably around that, you must get:

The Art of Electronics 3rd Ed.
Author(s) Horowitz & Hill
ISBN-10: 9780521809269

Read the second one once you get some traction- even if you don't understand everything they are covering, it will introduce your mind to things and so you will learn faster because your mind will work on it- once you get enough enough in your head, things will click and you will realize with AoE was talking about.