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Please suggest me good books...not only informative but should be a interesting read! on following
1. Control systems
2. Microprocessors & applications
3.App Electromagnetic Theory
4.Digital Systems Design
5. electric drives and control


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People can give you the best advice if they know a little bit about your background. Especially when it comes to control systems and applied electromagnetic theory, it would help to know what you already know about math, e.g. are you familiar with vector calculus ?


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OK, I'll start with electromagnetic theory: My own experience was that vector calculus is the most difficult part of it, the rest is relatively easy. You may get away with some preliminary knowledge of vector calculus, but if you have difficulties, I recommend to take a look at "Div, Grad, Curl, and All That: An Informal Text on Vector Calculus" by Schey, which I liked very much (had the 2nd edition). For the applied part of electromagnetic theory, I never looked very close at it. I had "Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics" by Cheng but I don't remember much about it.

Control systems: The last time I tried to brush up my knowledge about this subject, I used Dorf, Bishop "Modern Control Systems" - more specifically the (German translation of the) 10th edition. It contains a lot of examples how control theory is applied to all kind of technical systems and I found them quite interesting - but the Amazon reviews are not very enthusiastic about it.

Microprocessors and applications: I have dim, but pleasant memories of "Structured Computer Organization" by Tanenbaum. Don't even know which edition it was, must have been the early 1990s. Perhaps someone who knows the recent editions would like to comment on them ?