Substitute for 2n3055 transistor

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I am using 2N3055 power transistors in a Bedini motor. That's a simple motor using a bifilar wound coil. One winding is a trigger winding and the other is a power winding. a sample is shown if you do a google search for "Ludic Science Bedini motor". I would like to be able to trigger the transistor with a lower trigger voltage.

Can anyone suggest a transistor that will serve this purpose.


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TO-3 transistors are on the way out. Do you really need that current & power level? There’s a version of the 3055 in TO-220 which is limited by that package.


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After consulting my Crystal Ball ..........
I'd say go with a Logic-Level-Gate MOSFET.
Because the Thread Starter is trying to set-up a Micro-Controller to control the Coils.