Strobe with a 555 audio oscillator.

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Tony Elliott

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Hi, I am looking to a 555 square wave oscillator with a mini strobe by putting a light resister on the + going into the bulb and taping the led from the square wave oscillator. I measured the voltage as you can see the voltage is quite high so I haven't done it yet due to safety concerns, any ideas or safety notes very welcome.



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Well you're going at it from the wrong end. At 440 VDC I suspect your strobe light is based on a typical Xenon flash bulb which is triggered by a small HV pulse transformer so interrupting the 440 VDC part of the bulb feed is pointless.

If you want the strobe to flash slower at whatever speed the 555 is set at you need to tie it into the low voltage side of the flash ignition triggering circuit and control things from there.