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I have a need for a strip-switch to be encapsulated in medical grade silicone. For those who are unfamiliar with strip switches they are usually constructed of two conductors of any length separated by an insulator and encased in a plastic jacket. When pressure is applied to the outer jacket anywhere along its length, the conductors are able touch each other and a circuit between them is completed. There is a manufacturer named Strip-Switch that makes what I am describing, but their products are too large and insensitive for my application. What I need is a switch whose length is less than three inches and under one half inch in width, under 10Vdc and under 500Ma. I have seen some of these devices called Ribbon Switches, Strip Switches and Linear Switching Elements. But I've had no luck finding anything close to my requirements. Can anyone here help with a source or a different search description or a different solution? As further information, the switch completes a circuit if it is pinched anywhere along the length of its conductors. The pinch pressure is under 8 oz.
Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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"Touch switch" may be another name that would be found. Pressure sensing switches also. Or membrane switch . If the application could live with an actual touch sensitive scheme then there are several types around in use currently. But they are not mechanical at all.
I hope these help a bit.