Power Supply + ESP8266 + LED strip : how to put everything together with a physical switch too?

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I am planning to put together a "smart LED strip" by purchasing:

- ESP8266 - this one
- LED Strip (%V) - this one

As far as I am concern, ESP8266 has mini USB as input (5V) and 5V as output... therefore, if I use a stripe not longer that 2 meters, I should be fine with a simple USB input to the ESP8266 that ultimately feeds the LED stripe...

this would be ok, if I would just control the LED stripe with my phone (using home assistant for that), but wife is not happy about "fancy gadgets" therefore I need to be able to include into the design also a physical switch.... (it is a three way switch?)

the end result should be an LED stripe that can be turn on/off via physical switch and/or via ESP8622.... any suggestions please?

Thank you all
I assume the ESP8266 can not drive that LED strip, make sure you double check the amp draw. You may have to use a relay / transistor to drive it.
I had the same idea once, my solution was to connect a 'normal' switch to an input and look for any state change (on-to-off and off-to-on) rising edge AND falling edge. Then toggle the state of the output so it would ack like a three-way switch.

make sure you include a pull up and/or pull down resistor, you don't want that input floating
make sure you have good de-bouncing, those light switches are noisy.