Streaming camera video to FPV goggles

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Hey. I want to build a system where a person can equip an FPV goggles and watch a camera view.

It is very simmilar to what modern drone FPV goggles do. Modern drone camera can stream video to the FPV camera even kilometers apart.

I do not need to transmit the video through long distances, I just need a very short distance. Since I want to have a highest possible quality, I would assume it would be better to connect the FPV goggles to the external camera using a cable since doing it wirelesllly probably wont be able to achieve such high quality video?

It is also important that the camera itself is small and portable. A good reference would be like holding a selfie stick. I might want to stick the camera inside the birdhouse or the fox cave and watch the video through the goggles another good example is gastroscopy and endoscopy. There is a small camera and doctors are able to stream its view to a computer. I want to develop something simmilar but stream video to the FPV goggles instead.

I have found a good picture. I imagine the system to look something simmilar except a much smaller camera :D

Does anyone have any ideas regarding the hardware and setup? The price is not an issue. The quality of the video and ergonomics of the FPV goggles are top priority.
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