Streaming boxe outputting Hdmi/composite video simultaneously ?

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Hi guys; i have Roku 4 and Roku 1,and Roku 1 has 2 outputs HDMI and Composite video, but i have to unplug HDMI cable every time i want to send Composite video through a RF converter to coaxial cable to old Tvs on the other rooms and that is a bitch,i'm interested on buying a streaming box that have HDMI and Composite video simultaneously like Cable boxes and satellite receivers, I found these 2 Streaming boxes, but i'm not sure these output hdmi/composite video simultaneously ?what you guys think?


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Hard to tell about simultaneous output.
You'll have to contact the manufacturer.

I'd suggest an HDMI to composite converter with HDMI feed-through but those aren't cheap either.


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For the price of those devices you could replace your ancient TV's with flat panels..

I'm making the jump from cable to "streaming" soon..
Just picked up an amazon firestick to try and it works great..
I'll just throw one of those on each TV can call it done..
I can pick up 16 channels of free OTA tv when needed and sign up for Hulu and maybe HBO/Showtime apps and still be saving close to $100 a month over my current cable bill which equals more money for "big boy toys" :)