STM8S003F3 reset pin - output frequency

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Vindhyachal Takniki

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1. I have made a circuit using STM8S003F3.
I don't understand somehow when I probe reset pin of MCU, it is giving 12Khz freq output.
Thus I am unable to program/debug the MCU.

2. I have removed everything else from board. Just +5V supply & MCU.
MCU supply is decoupled by 0.1u & 1u caps.
Vcap pins is decoupled by 1uF cap.
Reset pin is decoupled by 0.1uF cap.
That's it . Nothing else on circuit.

3. I have probed VCC pin of MCU, I get clean +5V across it.
Probing Vcap pin gives +2V clean.
I have also removed 0.1u cap from reset pin & then checked the bare pin but same result.

Edit: I have also changed 2 MCU but same results