STM8S003F3 Integrated development environment options

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Vindhyachal Takniki

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1. I am using STM8S003F3 & exploring options for IDE available. It has 16Kb flash, which ide is free for 16KB?

2. There are options here:

3. I am using IAR 3.11 which is limited to 8KB now for free version. Didnt it used to be free for upto 16KB for previous versions?
I checked IAR website didnt find where to download old version and see which was free till 16KB flash?


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I recently installed IAR 8.50.1 and it's code size limit is 32K.

Error[Li016]: size limit exceeded. The application needs 0x9374 (37'748) bytes, which is greater than the limit of 0x8000 (32'768) bytes.