STM8S003F3 reset pin 10K connection required or not?

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Vindhyachal Takniki

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1. I am using this MCU STM8S003F3. Datasheet says dont need to conenct 10K pull-up on reset. So option B in image below
2. In demo board they have option A, but 10K is not mounted.
3. But i have noticed some times their MCU dont start, i doubt placin 10K would be better? Which is ok?
Or option C to be used, it may limit any inrush current.

4. What is more preferable?

It's not really required to pull up the reset pin. But a decoupling capacitor should be present as shown in datasheet. I have made a few circuits with the stm8s003f3p6 and I didn't use any pull up resistor, but there were no issues.


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It realy depends on the application and what else is connected to RESET line.

External resistor (most common 10K) is always being used on devices that gonna pass EMC/ESD tests.

Demo/Evaluation/Discovery boards are designed for starting applications. Sometimes they dont follow their own design guidelines.