stm8s003f3 microcontroller there is no output from port pin

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I am designed stm8s003f3 based circuit.please see the attachment, Basically i write the program for LED blinking, Program loaded to IC's successfully but there is No Output from that PORT pin. please share the debugging method and any other alternative in Circuits.

STM controller is new to me. Please do the need full.



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It is common to have multiple functions multiplexed on a single pin. The consequence of this design choice is that designers, such as yourself, need to be intimately familiar with the configuration steps required to select the function that you intend. The only way to do this is to go over the data sheet until you have accounted for all the registers that can affect the proper functioning of the pin. Don't know if the chip has a serial port but I always write a simple debug monitor for a new chip. It saves a great deal of time and trouble.