Stepper motor working with load cell and i2c lcd

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hi! currently I am doing project about semi automatic dough weight checker machine. The working flow will be like this:

User will key in the desired weight of the dough that they want. Dough will be pressed manually in a box and it will flow out from the extruder and fall on the load cell. The weight of the dough is displayed using lcd i2c. When the desired weight has been achieved, the cutter will automatically cut the dough that coming out from the extruder. The movement of the cutter is done by using stepper motor, nema 17. Let say, user want the dough to be 100g, the cutter will automatically cut the dough once the weight on the load cell is 100g.

I am using arduino mega and I have test each component separately and everything works fine. Now, I don't know how to combine all the code between stepper motor, load cell and i2c lcd.