stepped frequency burst for sound projector with function generator

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While I have loads of experience operating sound projectors with associated software I am currently planning on the use of a leased Navy sound projector to get high source levels. This projector needs a separate signal or function generator and amplifier for operation. This is new to me.

The client needs 5 sec sinusoidal tones with 0.1 sec rests. Each tone is 1 Hz moving up from 100 Hz to 5000 Hz. Would you call this, "stepped frequency burst"?

So first tone would be 100 Hz for 5 seconds followed by a 0.1 second rest then a 200 Hz tone for 5 seconds followed by a 0.1 second rest then a 400 Hz tone for 5 seconds... ... ... ... ...

The pic attached is what I'm picturing.

Having never used a signal generator for anything other than simple waveforms, my question is how do I achieve this with a function generator? Are there single models that can produce this or would it require two generators and gating?

Thank you for your thoughts and time.