stepped transient analysis with Micro-cap 12

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I have been using LTspice for many years, but the limit of 3 nested .step directives has led me to consider Micro-cap 12 as an alternative. I intend to step 6 passive component values for matching of the FET shown below. Although the input match is a typical 50 ohm match, the output match is to an inductive load with a small resistance. The Micro-cap 12 documentation states that up to 20 component values may be stepped, but that the practical limit is 5. I have a Xeon E3-1275 with Windows 7 that I can run all day if necessary. I would appreciate any advice from Micro-cap users regarding the feasibility and best approach for running a stepped transient analysis of the FET circuit under Micro-cap 12. I will be using manufacturer's spice models for the FET. FET_matching.png