Start up and stop time of Breadboard with LEDs on oscilloscope

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I am trying to time out the LED turning on as power is supplied to the board and how quick it drops out as power is removed on a teledyne T3DSo1000, I am using the measure function but seem to keep over scaling the wave or just not triggering it correctly. Any tips? tech student btw


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Every oscilloscope has three sections:
1) input amplifiers that control vertical deflection, Y-axis, VOLTS/DIV
2) horizontal sweep that controls X-axis, SEC/DIV
3) trigger section that determines when to sample the input signal

You need to master the trigger section.
In order to capture a one-shot event of a rising voltage, you need to set the trigger level to just above 0V.
Set the trigger source to the same channel into which the input is applied. Trigger on rising edge.
Set the trigger to SINGLE.
Try different SEC/DIV until you get the right amount of waveform on the display.
You need to re-arm the trigger section after ever attempt.