Start the vehicle engine with arduino.

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Hi guys,
I would like to know that is it possible(yep I do know it is possible) to start/stop the vehicle engine with micro controller(Arduino).
However, I do not know about that kind of circuit (I am not mechanical engineer) especially cable inside vehicle :).
Can anybody help me to figure it out, how to do it?


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This question is not about the Arduino; it is all about your car. The Arduino can control relays; What can the relays do in your car? Who knows?


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The answer is yes its entirely possible...
(and it would be electrical engineer not mechanical ;) )

More than likely you would simply control a relay or similar with the arduino that duplicates the function of the ignition key.
Now how to wire that into your car depends on your specific vehicle... Some keys have RFID chips in the handle that must be located near the ignition switch to even start it..