Standalone Solar Project

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Hey there!

For a project I need to develop a system that measures the air quality in different parts of a city.
I have to build standalone measure points, powered by a solar panel.

Is there anyone who can help me with a circuit to regulate the power output of the solar panel?

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First step must be to know the power consumption of the device .... how many watt hrs consumed in a 24Hr period ..

This will determine the size of panel needed and battery size ... the rest is easy .
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Being from Florida, snow is not the first thing I think of when considering solar panels, but that's a great point!

To answer your question directly, there are off-the-shelf solutions for harvesting energy from solar panels. For example:

But generally, as mentioned above, first pick out the parts and determine what your power requirements will be. From there you can select appropriate battery and solar components. Also note that software can play a very significant role in power consumption. Many processors and sensors can be put to sleep when not in use and use practically no energy, and wake on a timer to take readings and transmit data. Keep this in mind while choosing your parts.