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I bought a washing machine and the sales person also sold me a filter to use between the mains and washing machine. On the outside of the device it says stage 1 filtering. Does anybody know what this means? Can't find anything on google.
I am guessing that it means there is 1 inductor in series with the mains and 1 capacitor across the mains. stage 2 would mean 2 inductors and 2 capacitors etc. Is this correct? Does anybody know what the values of the capacitor and inductor would be?
I have now put my circuit controlling a resistive load and the fan motor on 2 different mains leads using a double adapter. The lead to the resistive load circuit goes through this washing machine filter. I now am not blowing my zero crossing triac optocoupler.
If you guys have been following my previous posts I said that when I connected the motor and resistor load to the same mains lead I blew the optocoupler controlling the resistive load. THE OPTO AND TRIAC WAS NOT CONNECTED TO THE MOTOR. The motor was connected directly to the L and N terminals of the mains. Its turn on spiking blew the opto.
I am still trying for another solution such as using a mov across the motor terminals to stop spiking. I have tried to find out the voltage value of the spike. I put a 1 amp fuse in series with the motor which is rated at using 0.43A. The fuse didn't blow so the spike must be less than 240 watts.
Should I be using a fast blow fuse for this test?