spikes from IGBT drived by TLP250

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Hi everyone,
I want to drive an IGBT with TLP250 optocoupler. The schematic of my circuit is attached. I use the output of signal generator as input of the TLP and a potentiometer between output of TLP and Gate of IGBT. The problem is, there is spike at rising edge of PWM signal on load. this issue gets better when I increase the gate resistance, but the time constant is increased in this case and its not good for me. I have attached some pics from oscilloscope. (blue color is output of TLP and yellow one is load voltage). How can I remove these spikes?
Any help is really appreciated.

we have been working on the same circuit for 3 days but we are unable to get the output voltage from the driver circuit,we are unable to identify where we are going wrong so please help us with some tips,thank you :)