SPICE model and .asy file required for LTSpice

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Nomi 1114

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Dear All,

Hope everyone is fine. i need .asy file and Spice model of IRFR9120 & IRFR 110 for LTSpice. But i am unable to to find it. can somebody help me in this regards please.



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.model IRFR110 VDMOS(Rg=9.4 Vto=3.8 Rd=200m Rs=54m Rb=250m lambda=.01 Kp=1.3 Cgdmax=.3n Cgdmin=.08n Cgs=.1n Cjo=225p Is=17p ksubthres=.1 TT=135n is=438f rs=42m n=1 VJ=0.8372 M=0.430197 bv=100 Rds=444.4K mfg=International_Rectifier Vds=100 Ron=540m Qg=8.3n)
.model irfr9120 vdmos pchan VTO=-3.36 RS=0.20504 KP=5.1 RD=0.2454 RG=18.112 mfg=International_Rectifier Vds=-100 CGDMAX=9.00E-10 CGDMIN=9.00p Cjo=1.47E-10 IS=5.55e-27 Rb=0.1848 TT=1.466e-07 Cgs=3.48E-10 Ksubthres=0.1