Speed Calculation using accelerometer sensor.

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I am trying to measure the speed of a moving vehicle using accelerometer sensor. here i am using trepizoidal method to integrate the discrete data from accelerometer sensor. it works bit better(with small error) for small distances. But, when i continue for long distances (with up&down slopes) it making more error. Can any body help me?????

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The large errors likely from the integration of drift and noise. A band-pass filer might help (one high-pass and other low-pass) and redundant sensors.

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Yes, as AndrewMM says, you need a Kalman filter that integrates the accelerometer data with the gyro data to remove longer-term drift. There's many YouTube videos on this for improving dead-reckoning navigation on drones, autonomous vehicles and the like. Pretty standard practice these days.

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The Madgwick's IMU and AHRS algorithms are very good.

Here's a little PIC32MK demo (in C) of a 9-axis IMU driving a SPI graphics display showing IMU data, a tracking glyph from the sensor fusion data while outputting serial data for a Linux java cube visualization.


10ms update frequency.

Top line: SPI data output to graphics display, 4.5ms, https://www.lcd-module.com/fileadmin/eng/pdf/grafik/dogxl240-7e.pdf
Bottom line: IMU SPI data readout for all sensors, 90us

Actual processing time for IMU and graphics transformations is less than 1ms.
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