SparkFun Servo Trigger help (using GitHub repo to create and write .hex, then sending to t84 using macOS)

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I have a SparkFun servo trigger and a tiny avr programmer. I was simply trying to change the mode, and followed along a github read me that was a bit complicated for me, someone who has minimal experience, to follow. Somewhere along the way I managed to completely clear the device rather than program it and now it doesn’t work at all.

I am using AVR dude on Mac. I’ll link the github, but can anyone help me understand how to use the repo to get a hex file given the .c file and a makefile. And how to get the mode changed and the device back up and running?

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It's important to know that your setup is correct. If you followed along with the Github instructions then the paragraph marked "Testing" should have produced positive results. If not you have a communications/programming tool problem.

But the Github reference is about the communication/flashing tools - command line only tools at that. (It looks like they're really OLD, too!) AVR Studio is probably your best bet. By setting up a project in AVR Studio you can compile the C source into a .HEX binary suitable for downloading to your target hardware.

There are certainly ways to do compile, assemble, and then flash you device using only command line tools in macOS - I've also done it on a Mac and it's not hard. But for beginners there's a wealth of experience to be gained from an IDE like AVR Studio.

-T. Hurtado