Sourcing replacement insulin pump screen

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I have an old insulin pump (Animas IR2020), it was manufactured in about 2012 and the OLED screen has now faded to a point where it can not be read easily. It is out of warranty and the manufacturer no longer makes insulin pumps at all. I really want to resurrect this device as nothing on the market compares.

I have dismantled it and removed the screen. I have searched all of the numbers on screen, but can’t find it anywhere.

Here are the numbers:

  • Ribon cable – 095080021A10AR and 10166040816557
  • Back of screen – 102550602R I 8
Printed inside the ribbon cable is a manufacturer “Solomon Systech” and a model number “SSD1339U3”

I looked these up and it seems it is just the controller, not the whole ribbon and screen assembly.

Is it possible that this is a custom part made by the pump manufacturer? Or are these screens off-the-shelf?

What would be the best way to find a replacement for this?

Thanks for the help.