Sourcing or fabricating a replacement capacitor

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Hi all,
I'm looking to replace a blown capacitor in some workshop equipment.
The exact item is proving hard to replace and I was thinking of making a composite set of caps to replace.
This is not an area I am familiar with so would appreciate a sanity check.

The cap is a dual canister cap with 3 wires connecting each pole of an AC motor to ground.

Label reads:

0.1uf (x2)
0.005uf(y) + 0.005uf(y)
Delta 250v

I suspect this is a motor run capacitor, with built in noise reduction?
Although the values are a little low for a motor run cap.

I am really struggling to find an equivalent part. Would it be correct to connect a 100nf+5nf in parallel X2 and bond the grounds together?,
If so would non polarized (polypropylene) caps be appropriate in this application 0.1uf electrolytic is hard to find.

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Joined Feb 26, 2020
Thanks for the reply albert, Yes. I had made some association when I saw the 3 chord cap with power filter caps from tube amps.
I had assumed this was a motor run cap because its the only other 2 in a can cap i'd heard of.

I have since come to realise the X2 is the classification not times 2. And understand this to be a filter capacitor array.

I have identified the following as a suitable replacement.