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I found this Soundbar I think is good.

But I would like somebody to Watch this Video?

They Tell you that the Speakers Move Up when it comes Time to Hear Sound from above you.

I think something like this that Moves the Speakers will Break over Time.
Or am I not understanding something?


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They are not referring to physically "moving" the Sound-Bar.
They are talking about "the illusion" of the Sound-Source "appearing" to move upward.

The World of Speakers is jam-packed with very expensive "Gimmicks".

Are you capable of building your own Speakers ?
If so, this is what you need ...........

Corner/Ceiling Mounted, Triangular, Full-Range Cabinets, build 4 of them if you have the space.
plus, a Horn-Loaded Sub-Woofer ......
Small Sub-Woofer ........
Large Sub-Woofer ........


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I am so so Sorry I gave the Wrong Link.
This is the Link to the Video go near the End of the Video.

They Talk about how the Speakers Move Up to give the Atmos Sound.

And they Show you them Move.
I think they will go within a Year of Watching Movies.

Or should I stick with Say the Sound Bar I gave First?