Sony STR DE597 Troubleshooting

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As you'll quickly understand, I don't really know what I'm talking about, but I enjoy tinkering and have been trying to understand how to better test electronics from broken power tools to small stereo equipment. That being said, I was recently gifted a sony reciever (DE597).

It worked quite well and then one day stopped working. I would note that while the unit was inside, the day prior to it stopping working there was an insane rain storm where everything in the air felt a bit damp. I did unplug it during this period of time as it felt like it was getting damp almost. That said, when I tried to turn the unit several days after the storm, it made a click but there is no other indication that any power has come to the unit.

With the unit plugged in, I can run a voltage tester along the power chord and it gets voltage along one side of the power chord and no voltage reading along the other. The side that gets a reading enters into the unit on the standby board as a black wire and the side without - white wire sees no voltage reading.

If I clip off the power supply from the standby board and test and I see that both sides of the plug have continuity.

Running a voltage tester around the board, I cross the fuse, it indicates voltage and a voltage meter shows 115 volts. There is a wiring harness with an orange and white wire next to the fuse which runs to a Sony 1-439-611-11 Power Transformer, there is no indication of voltage in these wires. This does not change when touching the power switch.

There is a 1-435-281-11 Power Transformer that indicates voltage. This also does not change when I click the power button. I believe this is what is clicking when I click on and off the power.

Anyway, curious if anyone see anything from these initial tests or knows some subsequent tests I should perform.