[SOLVED]How do you solder component leads on PCB

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Most model airplane people have the camera on their hat, not in their hand. Then they control the airplane with both hands.
I think the guys on the other side of the world usually solder with one hand then they carry the molten solder around on the dirty tip of their soldering iron. Some of them drip the solder onto the joint from fairly high up.

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I had one IC in old board. it was useless and it's one leg was broken

I've soldered IC on PCB. I would like your feedback on soldering joints. welcome for any improvement ?
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And another thing ... make sure your PCB is clean. Old tin plating tends to oxidise which stops the solder from "wetting" the pads.
Here, we can't buy leaded solder anymore. Though reports are filtering in that lead free solder tends to brittle with age leading to open circuits.
You can use the scrubbing pads to clean PCB pads but don't scrub too hard or they might fall off.


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Flux on a joint gives it a shiny appearance around the solder. You can use IPA to remove flux, but flux solvents commercially available may contain additional solvents which may work better on the newer solders.


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Those solder connections look OK, AND, if it were for an automotive item, a bit more solder reduces the chance that vibration will cause the joint to fracture and fail.