Soldering noob: trying to make an external power switch

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Hello there, thanks to whoever is reading this right now. If you do have any knowledge or any idea of how I could approach this issue, please do reply to me. I've never soldered anything in my life before and I don't have any background in these type of things either. But I am ambitious and I really need to get this done, so here we go.

The issue is: I'm trying to make an external power switch for my laptop for multiple reason which I won't give here. I opened it up to look where the current button is situated and what is going around there. This is what the plate (sorry, I'm a big noob, I don't know what it's called) under the button looks like.

So I got myself some ribbon cables, because I didn't think I could work with the one that was already soldered to the plate and I could also have some spares, in case I mess up. I also made sure they match the one inside my laptop, which is a AWM 20624 80C 60V VW-1.

After doing some more research I thought it would be a good idea to buy some DuPont male to female wires just in case I need to extend something. I've got a bunch of them. Maybe I was wrong, maybe it was a good idea. I wouldn't know. Don't judge me.

And finally, I got a momentary push button. It has a led ring. I don't care about the led. Sure, it would be a nice touch, but at this point I'm just concerned with making the button turn on my computer. The seller even sent some instructions. They should've sent a book...

I'm a little desperate and I don't have anyone to ask. I've looked everywhere around the internet but I just can't seem to understand what's going on and how to sort it out. If anyone could help a sister out and just tell me point blank what needs to be connected to what, I would really appreciate it! I could even bake some cookies and send them to you.

Thanks a lot (in advance).
Loads of love.

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So where exactly is the button you are trying to replace?
What does the button make contact with?
So this is the button I'm trying to replace. Basic laptop button.

From what I could tell, when pressed, it pushes down on this thing.

The ribbon cable connected to the plate in the first picture goes into the motherboard. My idea was to replace it with a brand new ribbon cable. This new ribbon cable would then be connected to the new power button (the silver & blue one).

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You would likely be better off just paralleling the connections to the button already there, then to try to replace it.
I'm not sure what the other circuitry on that little board does, but it's likely necessary.

You have to determine what the switch on the board does when it's depressed, and then parallel the external switch with that.

Be sure to practice doing solder joints with small wires and connections before you try it on the board.
Below are some examples of good and bad joints. The best joint is fourth from the right.
A common error is using too much solder. You only need just enough to wet the joint. The joint and wires should always be visible through the solder.
Add a little rosin flux to the joint before you solder. It will help the solder wet the joint.
And use leaded solder, if can find it. It's easier to use than lead-free.



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You have to determine what the switch on the board does when it's depressed, and then parallel the external switch with that.
That switch will, I expect, have each of the four corners soldered to the PCB (printed circuit board, AKA the plate).
It's likely that the switch connections are across opposite corners of that little switch. Either pair of opposite corners should do. Try connecting a little piece of wire between the corners before you get the soldering iron out to confirm the connections.