Solar panel Cooling unit help

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Hassan Wahaj Malik

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I have a 100W panel powering a peltier cooler and 2 Dc fans.
Th epeltier cooler uses 12V and 3Amps where as fans use 12V and 0.11A.
I am using a dc-to-dc buck converter to power the peltier cooler but i am kinda confused what i should use to power my fans with? The voltage regulator LM718CV3 supplies 1.5A which is too much for the fan and i believe it might smoke it. Any help would be appreciated.


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But it’s suppying 3Amps
It is supplying 12V and is capable of supplying a maximum of 3A. If you connect a 12V, 0.11A fan to it the fan will draw 0.11A and work just fine.

A car battery provides 12V and is capable of supplying 100's of amps, but the sidelight on the car (possibly needing just 0.5A) doesn't blow up when switched on.


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One better the light bulb in a lamp 20 amp wall outlet these newer led bulbs are less then 100 mA they last for a year or more.
Same as drinking water you can only drink as much as you can hold the fan will only sip it's .11amp