Snubber Circuit calclulations

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Hello Everyone,
I want to know how do i calculates the value for the resistance and capacitance in the snubber circuit?
I wanted to connect the snubber circuit for protection for the scr. with i used as a switch to control the inductive loads.


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Are you using a triac to switch inductive loads on an AC supply?
Are you switching the load ON at mains zero crossing?
If so, the only reason the snubber is required is to deal with the sudden change of voltage when the triac switches off. The triac switches off when the current through it reaches zero, although the AC voltage will not be zero at that time due to the phase difference between voltage and current.
If you use a resistance between 47Ω and 100Ω, and a capacitor of either 47nF or 100nF, it will work.