SMD Resistor Marking


Joined Apr 7, 2016
At first glance, these are some slightly funny markings.

After the usual three significant figures, I get the following:
8871 ~ 8.87 kΩ
R681 ~ 0.681 Ω

And both of the above resistors are common E96 values.


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I agree that it appears to be an '8', though I can't imagine why they chose that glyph.

But R681 should be a 680 Ω resistor (likely a 5% tolerance), not 681 Ω. A 681 Ω resistor (likely a 1%) should be marked 6810 (the leading 'R' is not significant). The last digit should always be the multiplier, though I have seen a very few resistors where the multiplier was left off if it was a zero, which makes no sense as it creates ambiguity.