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I need to identify a smd component on a camera power board. I have 5.5 battery voltage going into it but nothing coming out to feed the circuit. Not sure what it is. Its black and the only marking on it looks like the letter y. Any ideas? Its the first component that the battery voltage goes through before going to the rest of the circuit.

Roderick Young

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From the description, it might be a fuse of some kind. The picture is too small for me to see. If you have a way of taking a higher resolution picture and cropping to a view of just the component, that would help. I assume there are no printed letters near the component like "R3," "D2," or "F1", etc.? Those "reference designators" on the silkscreen, if any, are a huge clue.


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If its in series with the supply, its possibly an inductor, diode, or fuse, take a better picture and look for any pcb markings.


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Yes, the picture is to small to see any detail on the part. The picture must be close enough and clear enough to read any printing on top of the part.