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For the record, I can't even sign in.

I followed an email link to a post and at the bottom of the page there is:
[Enter your email address]

There is no place to LOG IN.

A lot of sites have a "full site/"mobile" link, your's does not.

Furthermore, post content is BLANK. The blank lines seem to exist, but they don't contain anything.

I see
Date/post #
Things like Thread starter"
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So and so said:
Now the actual post content is blank. It looks like the lines are there, but no visible text.

ETO uses Xenforo and I have NO issues.

I am using an old phone, a Motorola Backflip" and usually Opera Mini as a browser and the internal browser has similar issues.

Opera, as I understand it, runs the html on their servers, not your phone. Your browser lifetime is then longer. Naturally, there are things it cannot do.

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FWIW -- I can attest to the fact that the difficulties described by the OP are both manifest and not isolated to mobile devices alone...

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FWIW, I've used a Samsung Tab 4 and S5 running Chrome to access this website. Viewing content is okay, but content creation is a real pain in the you know what with those silly on-screen keyboards. If I come across a post I want to comment on while using a mobile device, I wait until I'm on a laptop or desktop computer...


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I use my Samsung pad, and my Samsung A5 phone on the forum every day. Short replies are OK, but longer replies, perhaps with an attachment, is done by either laptop or stationary PC.

AFAIK the forum software is XenForo - See attached file.

Oh, and I'm not into orange ... :)