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Hi All,

How y'all doing.

I have intermittent insomnia... basically I wake up every night around 3:30am-4am and can't get back to sleep. I stay in bed with my eyes closed but my brain running.

I don't have any problem/stress that cause this (unless I am unware) BUT I do think it's the laptop! I spend the whole day on the laptop. As you know I'm a developer... so it's either I write code or read or watch Movies or YouTube. I spend lot of time on my iPhone too. And I only close the laptop when it's bed time.

After doing some google I found out that the laptop light can interfere with whatever (I forgot the name) and can cause some issues with sleep quality.

I thought maybe someone has experienced this here... my question to you then is: are there some glasses out there that can help against the laptop light. I need to work and read so need the laptop unfortunately so I need help with this.

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Hi Eric, it happens to me most nights. I am up in bed answering your question now while I should be sleeping.

As you grow older the number of hours spent sleeping falls off. It is not unusual for me to wake up multiple times during the night. (I use a CPAP machine to treat a condition called sleep apnea.)

When up, I often browse AAC as I am doing now then I listen to a French video or podcast until I get drowsy. After that I might catch another couple of hours sleep.

Overall, leading a healthy balanced lifestyle with ample physical exercise is the best remedy for insomnia. I try not to eat a heavy meal after 1900h and I consume zero amounts of caffeine.

Right now, long distance air travel has thrown my circadian rhythm out of whack.
Time to get back to sleep.


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Blue light can cause changes in circadian rhythm since it suppresses the secretion of melatonin. But this is not associated with early-waking insomnia, rather it effects the time when people feel tired and go to sleep.

In any case, the blue blocking lenses do not appear to have any benefit. Some early studies seemed to suggest they did but later research found no efficacy. This paper is an overview of the current information.


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My daughter is an optometrist and she did some research on the effects of blue light on the eyes. You definitely want to wear sunglasses that reduce blue light when outdoors.

Also it would be best to limit the time spent watching screens. Take frequent breaks away from the computer. Do something else totally different such as spending more time outdoor, of course wearing protective sunglasses.


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This sort of glasses are recommended for the problem. Don't know if they really work or not...

There are many, many brands available.

You say you are not stressed by I read a long time ago that depressed people all over the world (dramatic!) wake up in this time periods. Maybe a fruitful path to examine.