Smart 12 volt Lead Acid Battery Charger

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A couple of days back, while browsing some technical sites, I happened to see an advertisement of a Battery Charger Module with the following inputs:

120/240 volt 50/60 Hz input
Charge voltage (adjustable) of 14.4 volts,
Float voltage (adjustable) of 13.2 volts,
Charge / Float current trip (adjustable) of 2 Amps

It was a module with only terminals.... something like this.

I did not save the link and am not able to get the lead again. I will be thankful if someone can give me a lead on a similar unit.

PS I did a yahoo search, but could not loacte a unit that specifically mentioned an auto changeover from charge to float.
(or maybe my search criteria was bad :(


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what you have is a typical smps.

the kind of charger you want is widely available from china: it is used to charge up electric bikes there. dirt cheap too.


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Four stage intelligent chargers with 12 Volt, 24 Volt, or 48 Volt inputs, to charge 6 Volt, 12 Volt and 24 Volt lead acid batteries Charge a wheel chair, bicycle or scooter in your car or van.