Small Circuit board with large capabilities

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Hey all,

I Want to build a system that can
1. Run motor
2. Play music
3. Take commands over wifi

at the same time

This is kind of musical mill which rotates (with forward, backward, speed change capability) and play different music tracks based on the commands received from wifi interface.

The challenge is the whole system needs to be Tiny (To give an idea it will be N scale).

I am kind of programming guy but less knowledgeable on hardware side. Hoping somebody will help me to optimise my circuit.

By my research, I found the following are the smallest which I can work with..

1. AtMega328P chip
2. L293D chip for running motor
3. ESP 01 module Wifi for communication
4. MicroSD card interface for storing music files
5. I will get a PCB that connects all these together.

My question is what is the most possible way of reducing the size as much as possible (smaller alternatives for circuit and chips) and get perfectly working setup?

Is Atmega328P is capable of doing all these tasks simultaneously ?

Any working prototype will be appreciated..

Thanks in advance.