single to 3 phase vfd cicuit

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Hi Guys thanks for reading.I have a 3 phase compressor with a 5.5kw motor,this will run on single phase via a 7.5kw vfd. I will need to run a whole new circuit but I also want to have an additional 15amp double gpo right next to it.Can this be done with 1 cable or will I need 2 ? and what size breaker/'s, cable/'s and gpo's would you use? The cable length will be 10 meters from the meter box to the power points and run in conduit 240 volts
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There must be local reg's that you can consult for your part of AU.
In N.A., this would Ideally be done with separate conductors/breakers etc.


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A rotary phase converter ? aren't they bulky and really expensive ?The vfd is small and only $280.AU
Times have probably changed. I built mine in the 80's from a used 5 HP 3-phase motor. My situation was perhaps different. I had 3, 3-phase machines. So, the single converter just ran and I could run anything or combination of machines off it. I thought maybe you wanted a VFD to change speed, which I would not do with an air compressor.

I didn't realize that a 7.5 , continuous duty VFD was so cheap today.