Single Phase Motor's. 1Kw. 240v.

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Hi have three mower electric motors 1kW. from 3 off mowers. First mower failure to start changed the Capacitor outcome fixed. Next mower motor older so stripped down motor stripped checked windings , brgs. ect all good.
Last motor some rust to motor casing, stripped, resistance on windings good, no earth problems, winding insulation test good, brgs. good. However when reasembled and connected rotor which is free to rotate when not switch on. Then switched on " heavy buzzing " as if a capacitor so changed for a replacement Cap. of same rating. Still no rotation, double checked connection and changed over Strart & Run connections but still no rotation. Rotor " L ocks up " motor shaft end float ect. good. Any ideas folkes.


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As you mention a capacitor I assume the motor is a capacitor start single phase induction motor. Have you checked that the centrifugal switch is working correctly ?



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When you mention "mowers" are these lawn mower motors? If lawn mower motors are they battery powered brushless or brush type or do they run on mains voltage? Electric mowers running on a power cord, mains voltage, use a diode pack (full wave bridge rectifier) to convert mains AC to DC for the motor. I have not seen a electric motor lawn mower which uses an AC motor and has a start or run capacitor. Pictures of exactly what you have would be helpful and any motor name plate data off the motor(s).