Single chip USB flash drive IC Recommendations (if any?)

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Looking for a single-chip USB flash drive IC. By single chip, I mean no more than one IC + capacitor + 2 resistors. Any more involved than that and it will be a no-go. Size also matters, no giant (in physical size) flash chips. only needs to store a couple PDF files, maybe a video file depending on what I find offered. Overall cost is not an issue.

i have looked on the usual websites, mouser, digikey, etc, with no luck. However, i have opened up many flash drives that have single-chip solutions, so they do exist, but maybe not as standalone parts.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I do not want to use a microcontroller, but feel free to suggest ones that have ~200MB storage. I'm sure there are offerings from the Asian market (china) that i am overlooking.