simulating 74ABT04 hex inverter in LTspice

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To create a symbol from a netlist you need to click on a SPICE directive that says:
.subckt ....

The line in black text in your text snip may be something(?), like a comment without the leading *, but it is NOT a .subckt directive.

Do you actually read the HELP documentation, or do you just gloss over it and then do what you imagine might work?

ETA: It may have escaped your notice but these files from Nexperia are for Hspice or Pspice. I would not expect either any of these file collections to work in LTspice out of the box. The requirement for uncommenting lines of text in one of the files means you have to understand the whole structure of the file collection to understand WTF is going on. Maybe the conversion to work with LTspice is simple and easy for someone familiar with those other spice packages, but that would not be me. Maybe ask the folks at the LTspice group on

The alternative would be to obtain a version of the software for which the files were designed.
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If your primary concerns are just the 5V logic high and a 4nS propagation delay (per the datasheet) you could simply use the native LTspice 'A' device inverter in the Digital folder, like this :
You might want to add an output resistance to allow for voltage drop as current is drawn.
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Right-click on the symbol and type the required parameter values in the Value field.
LTspice Help/LTspice/Circuit elements/A. Special-functions lists the parameters you can add.