Silver/nickel circuit pen lifespan

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    Apr 14, 2017
    I think of buying a conductive pen, possibly Chemtronics cw2000 nickel pen (as it is in nice < 20e price range).
    I would use it quite occasionally, it'd be more like "a handy tool to have in desk drawer" if I happen to need it.

    BUT, what is unclear to me is their lifespan. Datasheet says its shelf-life is 1 year and when opened, it decreases to 6 months, after which "performance cannot be guaranteed". That doesn't sound like much.
    I guess a clogged tip could be opened with some solvent, but could a pen really dry/degrade "beyond repair" in some meaningful time?

    Would be sad to use the pen for couple of tiny traces now, just to notice year or two later it doesn't work anymore. :(

    Do you guys and gals have any experiences on this?
  2. Hypatia's Protege

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    Mar 1, 2015
    The 'unopened' shelf-life owes principally to 'vehicle' stability and is typically very conservative (I've experienced no difficulty with such products following more than 5 years unopened storage in a rather warm loft -- Whereas the 'opened' shelf-life anticipates liability to 'evanescence' of volatile compounds...

    My advice -- Once opened, merely store the pen/applicator in a neoprene-stoppered borosilicate test-tube and you're good for years -- indeed the better part of a decade if stored (thus contained) in a residential refrigerator (i.e. at ≈ 4.5°C)...:cool:

    Source: Long experience:)

    Hope to have been of assistance!

    Best regards
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    Mar 14, 2015
    @Hypatia's Protege I totally agree! Also that goes for 2-part adhesives, heat sink paste and electronics silicone too:cool:!