Silver Mica Caps marked 'EM'?

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Kind friends...

It has been my observation that many capacitors marketed as 'silver mica' and/or 'dipped mica' (and, indeed, most devices featuring their characteristic 'form-factor') bear, as an apparent identifying marking; 'EM' (as opposed to the standard 'SM') -- FWIW I had thought, perhaps, 'Etched Mica'? Howbeit I am unable to locate support for this - nor do the several (on-line and hard-copy) electronics resources I've had occasion to examine make reference to the 'EM' capacitor marking...

Inasmuch as my application is critically dependent upon 'silver-mica characteristics' Any insight into this matter will be greatly appreciated!

Many advance thanks!:)

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PS -- Below imaged is a typical example from my stock...

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Isn't EM a brand?

It seems related to El Menco.

Many thanks for your replies!:)

Interestingly, although the capacitor shown in @Wolframore's linked image of Elmenco's retro-catalog is a Mylar dielectric device -- a search on Elmenco finds similarly marked devices explicitly identified dipped Ag-Mica'...

For example (from the link embedded in the above sentence): ---Post continued below image---

Thus it seems 'EM' is merely indicative of Elmenco manufacture - as opposed to device construction/technology--- Jeeeeze! They don't make it easy!:rolleyes: --- But then I suppose the distinctive 'dipped Ag-Mica' form/colour is deemed sufficient Re: technology identification, still...o_O

Very best regards and many, many thanks!
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