Show 4-bit binary number on 2 7-segment display

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Hi all,
Now i have 4-bit binary number and want to show it on two 7-segment display by logic gates..
such as, this number (1000) want to show it as (08) first 7-segment contains (0) and second one contains (8)
the same with (1100) will be shown as (12) .. (1) on 1st display and (2) on 2nd display
How can i do that?? i did it on a single 7-segment, but i want it on two 7-segment not only one. i tried many times but i can't do it :\
Please HELP!
Thanks in advance.


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First, you already have a thread on this in Homework Help.

Second, this is hardly a suitable topic for the Power Electronics forum.
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