Short-run PCB opportunities in the NYC area

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Joe Stavitsky

Joined Apr 5, 2020
Among other things, the school I used to go to has a fairly advanced robot arm which is currently doing jack all. It occurred to me that there was a business opportunity for short-run PCB prototypes. I clearly don't expect to compete with any of the "online" businesses, but I think because we're a) located very close to NYC and b) nonprofit (so maybe a tax write off?) we might get some business from the immediate area as far as people who don't want to wait for delivery. We can set up board printing and SMT soldering (we have plenty of room) so I think we can be pretty flexible.

The biggest obstacle is obviously chemical waste, but being that I'm dealing with a school and we don't anticipate giant runs, I think this might be easier for us than otherwise.

Is there a viable business here? How can we best compete?

Many thanks in advance for any opinions.