Short-Circuit Protection for 3-6 Volts AA batteries

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I’m looking for a circuit that can protect 3-6 Volts AA Batteries when a short-circuit happens. When the short-circuit happens, a second circuit (LED blinking) must be triggered and the batteries must be protected. The goal is that the LED won’t stop blinking until the short-circuit is undone. Could someone give me a hand at selecting cheap suitable options for this application? Efuse, p-channel mosfet, NPN transistor arrange, Ideal diodes or Battery protector CI? The requirement is that this circuit also operates when two 3 Volts AA batteries arre connected in series.


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What's the maximum load current draw that's not a short-circuit?
At what current do you want the protection circuit to activate?

What type of AA cells are these?
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LED with built-in flasher across a Polyfuse might do it. When the fuse opens the LED would see voltage across the fuse and find ground through the short.