Sharp gp2y0a21yk0f IR Analog Distance Sensor on PLC?

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Hello everyone. I find myself requiring a bit of your assistance:

How would I compose a plc program to activate outputs at different distances? For simplicity sake:

This sensor senses from 10-80cm...Therefore, at 10 cm and 50 cm I would like to activate an output.

Here is the sensors data sheet from manufacturer:

Project #1:
The project given to me is to use this sensor to lift a piece of steel with an electromagnet at these heights and activate a light. Can I use a current transformer to sense when the electromagnet is activated? Is a 120Vac winch motor a good means to lift steel with electromagnet? If I wanted to get "fancy", how would I use some sort of display to indicate heights?

Project #2:
How would I use a touch screen HMI to just input any height I want to lift piece of steel with electromagnet while indicating present height? What cheap priced hmi compatible with hardware can I use for both projects?

Your help is much appreciated!!!!!