Serious Breadboarding


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That's pretty sick. Would be tough to troubleshoot wouldn't it? Wonder what his clock frequency is running at, don't breadboards have problems over 20mhz with parasitic capacitance?


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He says it was unstable at 4 MHz and he had to back off to 2 MHz.

But really, your question is clock speed? How about "WHY ?" :D


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Because it wasn't there.
I understand perfectly and I applaud the work.
I have long suspected that I am di-polar. With just a touch of ass-boogers.
Again....outstanding and worthwhile work.

Where did I put that breadboard?

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Well, he says in the blog:

This 68008 system on a protoboard was intended to be only an experiment and proof-of-concept for the real 68 Katy, which I had planned to build on a custom PCB with a full 68000 CPU, a CPLD for glue logic, more RAM, an SD card, and ethernet. But this experiment was perhaps a bit too successful, and now I’m wondering if it really makes sense to go to the effort of building the “real” system if it’s going to be essentially the same thing, only faster.