Serial data copy/sending via Arduino (D1 Min) for automation

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Not sure if this is the correct section of the forum, but I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing is possible. Thanks for any help.

I have an OEM Roller Shutter controller, that has a RF (rolling codes) version. Within this version it uses an ATA5724P3C for it's RG Serial bi-directional data communications. I'm trying more analog methods of emulating the button presses, but hoping for a more direct and elegant method to achieve this.

Looking at the data sheet, it has a data pin and this connects to the main MCU of the controller. I can only assume it takes the RF signal and sends some kind of data to the MCU. To this end, am I able to intercept this data, determine what it is and emulate it with the data output of the D1 Mini?

Here is the circuit boards:

I've tried watched some tutorials on Serial bi-directional data between Arduinos and other devices, but not sure if it's a method that is possible or would the data be paired/encrypted, etc. Replicating that commands that the RF controller triggers would be ideal.

If I need any tools to read the data and replicate, that would be good to know too.