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I am using microcontroller to send buffers of data points.Sending buffers that contains a 10 values i.e.:

  1. 45,25,73,34,15,26,77,68,11,15
  2. 14,17,20,5,95,3,41,9,11,3
  3. 50,25,47,21,6,30,8,68,2,15
  4. 66,13,89,7,15,78,77,1,11,10

I need a Windows software/application that can communicate using serial port (UART) to receive microcontroller's sent buffers and redraw (refresh) my graph when new data is received. I tried SerialPlot software, but it plots continuously (real-time) instead of redrawing the plot after fully received each new buffer.

I have tried SerialPlot and similar real-time serial plotters, but none of them are suitable for this.


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Welcome to AAC.

This is the perfect reason to learn Python.* While there will certainly be some effort in learning, the program you need to write will be (relatively) trivial and in the future you will have the skill to write things as you need them.

*or some other language, such as Javascript + Node.js + Node-RED. The reason I suggest Python is the general utility due to its ubiquity and MicroPython’s application to MCUs.